Faith Christian Eagles Football

2014 Season Recap


Faith wins Homecoming game against Manual in front of huge crowd!

For the Eagles 2014 homecoming, they received  the first kickoff. Nick Cortes had a short return. Adam Bachmann led the Eagles down the field to the Thunderbolts' 20, where Trevose Olsen had a successful outside run for an eagle touchdown. The PAT was not successful, putting the Eagles up  6-0. 

The Thunderbolts had a short return. They were unable to do much with that drive and were forced to punt. The Eagles had several successful passes and runs that drive, driving down to the Thunderbolts' 30. Adam Buchmann threw a pass to Jake Sanders for another eagle touchdown. The Eagles also converted on the 2 point conversation, putting them ahead 14-0. 

The Eagles kicked off with 5:06 left in the 1st, which resulted in an eventual loss of yards, and a punt that resulted in a short return. 

The Eagles drove down to Manual’s own 20 with 0:30 left in the first, but  Faith turned the ball over on downs. 

To start  the 2nd quarter, Manual took the ball over on their 20. They were forced to punt, giving the Eagles the ball around the 50. Trevor Olsen had several long runs, and had a long outside run for another eagle touchdown, putting the Eagles up by 21-0, with a successful PAT. 

Manual was forced to punt with 4:30 left in the second quarter, and the Eagles received the ball at their own 45. The Eagles couldn't convert on their drive, and were forced to punt with 2:58 left in the half. Manual was unable to convert either, and turned the ball over on downs. Faith took a knee to end the 2nd quarter, ahead 21-0. Adam Buchmann was forced to sit out the 2nd half because of minor shoulder injury. He should return next week. Brandon Herman filled in for Adam in the 2nd half. 

The Eagles kicked off the 2nd half, and the thunderbolts fielded the ball on their 30. The thunderbolts faced 4th and 22, and were forced to punt, that resulted in a short return by Elijah Durett. 

The Eagles drove down to the Thunderbolts' 15, and Daniel Langewisch ran the ball in for an eagle touchdown, putting faith ahead 28-0. 

The Thunderbolts weren't able to convert and punted. The Eagles fielded the ball on the 50. Trevor Olsen had a long run that was downed on the 5 yard line. Daniel Langewisch finished off the successful drive with a short touchdown run, putting the Eagles ahead 35-0 with the PAT, with 3:47 left in the third. 

The Thunderbolts weren't able to convert and punted yet again. The Eagles got the ball back on their 10 yard line. Daniel Langewisch took the ball on a long run, scoring yet again, putting the Eagles ahead 42-0, with another successful PAT by Taylor Wagner. 9:28 remained in the 4th. 

The Eagle's JV was put in with 5:00 left in the 4th, ahead 42-0. The JV defense held manual to 0 points, ending the game successfully at 42-0. 


Faith defeats Alameda with a dominate road win!

The eagles started the first quarter on a great note with a touchdown by Danny Langewish. The Alameda Pirates soon answered with a score of their own, but not to be denied, Faith got the ball back and Trevor Olsen ran the ball in for a second Eagle touchdown. The Eagles held Alameda back until a long run resulted in a touchdown, putting the score 12-13, Eagles in the lead. 

Photo by Baylor HunstadIn the second quarter, the Eagles got the ball back on their 30. Off of several successful run and pass plays, the Eagles were able to push down to the Pirate's 30. Danny Langewisch was able to run the ball in for an Eagle touchdown, increasing the score to 20-12. 

The Pirates got the ball back on their 30. They turned the ball over by a fumble to the Eagles the following play. Danny Langewisch had another great long run that brought the eagles to the 1 yard line. Trevor Olson punched the ball in to get a touchdown, bringing the score up to 28-12, completing the 2 point conversion. The Eagles were able to hold Alameda scoreless once again on their next drive, and got the ball back, scoring once again by a short pass to Grant Harkness. A successful PAT, thanks to Taylor Wagner, took their lead to 35-12. 

The eagles kicked off with 5:34 left in the 1st half, which resulted in a punt by the pirates, returned to the 50 by Elijah Durett. Faith's offense took the field with 46 seconds left in the 2nd quarter, at the pirates 40. Adam Buchmann threw the ball to Grant Harkness, scoring once again, bringing the score up to 42-12, with 1.2 seconds left on the clock for the first half. 

Faith started the 3rd quarter by kicking off. The pirates didn't do much and the eagles got the ball back with 10:42 left in the 3rd. Nick Lamb ran the ball in to score, putting the eagles ahead 48-12. Faith once again kicked off to Alameda with 8:00 left on the clock. The pirates turned the ball over to the Eagles on an unsuccessful punt fake with 6:56 left in the 3rd. 

The Eagles couldn't do much with the ball and ended their drive with a failed attempt to convert on a 4th down.  Alameda drove down to score, breaking their long offensive drought and closing the gap slightly, 20-48. 

Faith got the back with 5:00 left in the 3rd ok their own 48. Faith drove down to Alameda's 25 on a few good runs, but once again were unable to put any points up. At the beginning of the 4th, the Pirates got the ball back because of an Eagle fumble. Alameda drove down to the eagles 30. Elijah Durett picked the ball off on an attempted Alameda touchdown pass with 10:18 left in the 4th. The Eagles got the ball back on their 1 yard line and drove all the way down the field, scoring on a run by Zach Schultz. The Eagles led 54-20 in the 4th with 4:05 left. The clock was eventually run out, leaving the Eagles with a stellar 54-20 lead, marking another successful Eagle road game. 


Faith receives first loss of the season in a heartbreaker against Florence

Eagles kicked off to the Huskies for the start of their home opener on Friday night. The Florence Huskies offense wasted no time, driving down to score with off a run play, and taking the early lead 7-0. The Eagles fumbled the ball with 5:00 left in the first quarter, turning the ball over to the Huskies once again. 

Photo by Baylor HunstadFaith and Florence battled in the middle of the field over several drives, with Faith punting twice. Florence punted twice as well. The Eagles drove down to the Huskies own 14 with 4:00 left in the half, but were unable to score. Florence had the ball in eagle territory with one minute left on the clock, and had several failed pass attempts, ending the half with Florence leading 7-0. 

The eagles started the second half by receiving, taking the ball in their own territory. They kept the ball on an extremely long drive, running the ball in at 4:02 left in the 3rd quarter, bringing the score up to 7-7. 

The Huskies got the ball back on their own 30. The Huskies brokeilfree on a 50 yard run, stopped on the eagles 20 by a touchdown saving tackle by Jake Sanders. The Huskies pushed down to score with 0:27 left in the third, bringing the score to 13-7, with a failed PAT attempt. 

Faith got the ball back and soon thereafter, but were forced to punt. Florence drove to the Eagles own 25, but strong defense was able to keep them at bay. The Huskies were eventually driven back to their own 45 and forced to punt, giving the Eagles the ball on their own 25. 

The Eagles drove down to the 10 with 45 seconds left on the clock. Faith called a timeout on 3rd and 5 with 29 seconds left. Despite a great effort on a run play, the Eagles failed to get in and turned the ball over on the 1 yard line on 4th down. The Huskies took a knee, ending the game 13-7. 


FCA Football

Faith vs. Manitou Springs – August 29, 2014

Eagles started off with a short drive which ended with a fumble by Zach Schultz. The eagles held the mustangs to a touchdown in the first quarter. That drive was ended by an interception. In the very next play, the mustangs threw an interception received by nick Cortes. Zach Schultz scored on a 50 yard run to put the eagles ahead 6-0. The first quarter ended with the eagles ahead by 6.

FCA FootballThe second quarter started with an eagle interception by Jake Sanders. The eagles had a long successful drive ended by a touchdown run by Elijah Durett, which put the eagles ahead 12-0. Shortly after the mustangs threw another interception that was received again by Jake Sanders! The eagles drove down to the 20 yard line and turned the ball over with 4:18 left in the half.

With a minute thirty left in the half, the eagles started on the 25 yard line. The eagles punted with 47 seconds left on the clock. The eagles started the second half by kicking off. Taylor Wagner put the ball in the end zone for a touchback. The mustangs fumbled the ball on their 45 that resulted in an eagle punt. The mustangs drove down and scored on an outside run with 3:30 left in the 3rd quarter, bringing the score to 12-7, eagles. The eagles got the ball back and drove down to the mustangs 40, with Danny Langewisch having about a total of 45 rushing yards on that drive, ending the 3rd quarter. With 8:50 on the clock, Adam Buchmann ran a 25 yard sprint for an eagle touchdown, bringing the score to 18-7. The mustangs responded by driving down and scoring, bringing the score up to 15-18. The mustangs drove down to the 20 yard line, and the eagles held them in their own territory. The eagles took a knee, ending the game successfully at 18-15.