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Photo by Mardell Ostrom
We believe the best way to really get to know FCA is to visit our school!
Personal tours are available all year long and can be scheduled through the admissions office.  Tours are designed to give you answers to your specific questions about education at FCA, while doing a walk-through of the campus.  Many times, our school administrators are available during your visit to meet with you as well.  I invite you to call me today to come see who we are!

Terrie Thaler
FCA Director of Marketing & Enrollment
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High School Vision

At Faith Christian High School, the vision we have for our students is that they will continue to grow in the realization and application of Jesus Christ being Lord of every area of their lives. We desire to guide our students to a thoughtful understanding of what they believe and why this belief is true. Motivated by a desire to be good stewards of the talents God has given us, we also strive for excellence in every area. We believe that students trained and equipped in this environment will be able to take their faith and live it out with impacting power in their families, in the workplace, in their church, and throughout the world.

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Michael Cook

Middle School Vision

Faith Christian Middle School (FCMS) has the vision to provide a Christ-centered, Bible-based education, which motivates, stimulates, and equips students to intimately know God and to actively engage in making Him known to each other and to the world. It is the desire of FCMS to meet this vision not only by teaching this in the classroom, but also by taking it outside the walls of the middle school. Once a month our students are given the opportunity to take their faith, love, and knowledge to the hungry, elderly and the homeless. It is FCMS’s desire and prayer that the students will grow not only in the classroom but also by ministering to those in need through the outreaches that are available to them.

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dadraElementary School Vision

In our elementary school, we are all working toward facilitating the work of the Holy Spirit in the hearts of our students. Our desire is to see each child give his/her heart to Jesus at an early age. Therefore, we aspire to model godly character for students in our daily lives.

Second, we endeavor to reinforce our elementary discipline program, which focuses on safety, respect, honesty, responsibility, and courtesy for each person at our school. We are working toward loving our neighbors as ourselves.

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